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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETCe                    21

territorial, he was hissed and hustled; but on
somebody calling out " aux armes!" the cowardly
mob fled in an instant and many people were
lamed. The first President, Nicolai, made a very
vigorous speech, ending with these remarkable
words: "On veut nous forcer  passer une loi la
plus oppressive, mais jamais nous ne le ferons;"
then, raising his head and voice, he repeated:
"Non, monseigneur, nous ne le ferons jamais I'1

Monsieur was accompanied by loud acclama-
tions from the Luxembourg to the Cour des Aides.
After the Princes had retired, each court remained
assembled, and the Chambre des Comptes came
to a determination to address the King for the
return of his parliament, to declare the edicts
illegal and to forbid their execution; since which
the King sat at Versailles, en lit de justice, or
Seance, and had the edicts enregistered before him.
The parliament was sullenly mute, and the King
angry. As soon as they returned to Paris the
parliament assembled and came to very strong
resolutions, containing a doctrine of fundamental
rights and primitive contracts, and national con-
sents, that the kings of France seem long to have
lost sight of. On the I5th they were exiled. The
day had been fixed for the lyth, but the parlia-
ment being convoked to assist at the anniversary